Sitting down with New Theatre Group in their rehearsal space, we discussed their latest production.

“What is the play about?”

The play is somewhat a metaphorical one. It has an underlying conflict between feudal democracy and capitalism. The protagonist who represents feudalism wants a place with the common men. He is tired of ruling and exploiting.


This is the main concentration of the play and since it is a metaphorical play, we find a representative for democracy and capitalism and also the common people – the working class of extremely rural setting. Since the chosen time frame is of somewhat fifty years prior today, the only modern essence can be found by the representative of capitalism. The funny part about this is that the king in the play is dressed in medieval clothes while his official here is dressed in a suit. Ultimately the king along with the commoners shall struggle to be set free from the darkness.


“How did you come up with this particular theme?”

This is not exactly a new idea, this is a play from some time back. A lot of people are afraid to perform on this today. It is not exactly that we were fearlessly convinced but our friends have supported us.


“Have you worked with similar concepts before?”

Yes the group is almost 44 years old.

Watch their latest production on the 25th at 6:30 pm at Madhusudan Manch.

Interview by Sreya Nath & Tania Mitra

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