Patchworks Ensemble brings to Calcutta their captivating theatre production, Gentlemen’s Club AKA Tape after achieving success in many cities across India.

Gentlemen’s club AKA Tape is the perfect opportunity to hop in for a ride of laughter, honestly entertaining insights from a spectrum that expands between simplicity and creativity with its own grace and charm. It is a documentary on the idea of what it is like to have a club with drag kings as it’s performers. And as far as we got to know, it’s insanely entertaining and definitely worth a watch. Special emphasis on Shammi Kapoor for all you Bollywood fans out there, you don’t want to miss on this club’s dance moves.

PhotocreditJazeela Basheer6

As the protagonist, Rocky aka Shammsher (a drag king), goes ahead in resonating the golden era of Bollywood along a with similar group of females, the audience gets an opportunity to be who they want to be without any shame or guilt. And it can not get anymore more intriguing!

The creators behind this breath-taking production, Puja Sarup and Sheena Khalid believe that the play delivers much more than just preaching a message of acceptance. “We’re celebrating gender fluidity, we’re celebrating drag and masculinity and femininity”, is where this play originates from. The story goes further than just discussing the matters of pride and inclusivity of the LGBT community; it encourages us into accepting and believing in different perspectives and developing together.

To appreciate something different and be a part of it, in ways as simple as just sharing a few laughs together, can surely make a change for good. But it wants us to keep no expectations and in return it promises a fun memory to cherish. And we think, it’s a fair trade.

– Roshni Bose

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