Stage8 is back with Ontordondo, which is supposed to be on the war that we fight within ourselves. So naturally we had a discussion over their latest production with stage8 veteran Sagnik Mukherjee and actor Soham Chatterjee. Directed by Dibyojyoti  Das, it will be held at Gyan Manch on November 20th.


With a lot of internal shuffling with the cast and crew (Because life decided to come in-between a “Hobby”), this production will be completely different from the previous one with most of the cast being new. Inspired by the the short films ‘Kriti’ and ‘Bob’ (By Aneel Neupane), the story has taken a lot of elements from them but still the crew has tried to keep it original enough for people familiar with the original works.


Sagnik Mukherjee had an interesting story about the hype for the play. He told us about a call he received from an interested audience, living in Mumbai (Who gives TED talks), who leafing through the description connected with the protagonist and was interested in travelling all the way to Kolkata, from Mumbai, to experience their take on his life! Whatever the hype maybe, audiences can expect a thrilling experience for sure.


The youth theatre revolution has been going around for some time, but with revolutions come obvious disagreements. The biggest one being the breaking of the 4th wall. According to Sagnik, the acting and scripting of the play should always remain the main focus, instead of useless gimmicks which do not add anything to the story. The problem with youth theatre is that it is the inexperienced youth trying their hand at theatre. Sure it leads to innovative plays and fresh ideas but most of the time it is an illusion with gimmicks getting the spotlight instead of the acting and scripting.


Soham is relatively new to the theatre circuit, as he started out in the acting workshop of Stage8, but after countless auditions and rehearsals the new crew, it seems, has found its footing. Costuming and research was relatively quick, but the actors were drilled rigorously to suit the vision of the team.


Both of them were very clear that this play was not for people expecting flashy lights, useless gimmicks, basically cheap tricks to impress audiences, instead of a plain good show. With the actors real life reflecting the stage, and great backstage chemistry, get aboard the hype train and join us this monday at 5:30.

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